Headlines that further prove time is running out...

Pope Francis: There is no covering up before God. He knows who we truly are Pope Francis: There is no covering up before God. He knows who we truly are

Hail Satan? puts the fun in Satanic fundamentalism In 2013, an organization billing itself as The Satanic Temple made a minor news splash when it mounted a press conference at the Florida State Capitol to praise Governor Rick Scott for signing a bill to permit student-led “inspirational messages” at school events.

Vatican tries to clarify Pope comments on 'sexual slavery' of nuns The Vatican on Wednesday clarified comments by Pope Francis about a case of what he called "sexual slavery" within a French congregation of nuns, saying he was referring to an abuse of power that was reflected in instances of sexual abuse.

'A dream come true': 120,000 take in Pope's message at Abu Dhabi mass Tens of thousands of Catholics and several thousand Muslims attended an unprecedented public celebration of mass on Tuesday by Pope Francis, the first pontiff in history to visit the Arabian Peninsula.

Pope on his Abu Dhabi visit: “a new page in the history of relations between religions” Pope Francis sent this video message to the United Arab Emirates. He is the first pope to travel to the Arab peninsula. There he will attend an inter-religious meeting.

French medical mystery: At least 1,200 babies born with missing limbs, parents want answers French medical mystery: At least 1,200 babies born with missing limbs, parents want answers

Venezuelan Dictator Nicolás Maduro Appeals to Pope Francis for Support Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro has sent a letter to Pope Francis asking the pontiff to “facilitate and reinforce dialogue” as more world leaders abandon the would-be president in favor of his opponent, Juan Guaido.

'I used to think that babies were born a girl or a boy': Why some parents are raising kids undefined by gender Bobby McCullough and his partner Lesley Fleishman believe that in order for their newborn child to have the best possible life, their baby should be raised without a prescribed gender.

If Your Church Doesn’t Have an Elaborate System of Wires to Make Your Pastor Fly, Is It Really Even Church? our pastor may be good at something like, let’s say, preaching, but can your pastor fly?

Why Do Christians Want to Post the 10 Commandments and Not the Sermon on the Mount? You’ve heard the story before: A group of Christians puts up a monument of the Ten Commandments in a public space or on government property.

Worst 50 places for Christians ranked in 2019 World Watch List: India in top 10 for first time Open Doors USA has published its 2019 World Watch List of the top 50 countries in the world where Christians face the most extreme persecution for their faith.

California pastor ousted after ‘homosexuality is sin' church sign stirs protests A northern California pastor has begrudgingly stepped down as members threatened to leave after he posted a church sign that called transgender celebrity Caitlyn “Bruce” Jenner a man and stated that “homosexuality is still a sin.”

Catholic board pulls book with LGBT characters from elementary libraries The Ottawa Catholic School Board has quietly removed a popular book from its elementary school libraries after parents complained about its LGBT content.

Vatican Uncovers Hundreds of Millions 'Tucked Away' Hundreds of Arab Christian demonstrators clashed with police in Haifa on Friday over a museum’s display of a sculpture depicting Ronald McDonald, the mascot of the fast-food giant, on a cross, amid calls to remove the artwork that some have called offensive.