Temple Made of Time


God took six days and created
Earth and Moon, the stars and sun
On the seventh day He rested
From the work that He had done.
Then He blessed it, made it holy
As a gift for every man
To remind us where we came from
And just how this world began.

Holy day, purified
Set apart, sanctified
Enter in to joy divine
In a temple made of time.

See Him worship on the Sabbath
As His weekly custom was
Feel the fury of the rabbis
For He would not heed their laws.
So they killed Him on a hillside
As the sun began to fade
But He even kept the Sabbath
As they laid Him in the grave.

Oft forsaken and forgotten
Desecrated and profaned
But the sacred fourth commandment
Is still valid and unchanged.
Hear the Father gently calling
"If you love Me, keep each one.
Not for merit or salvation
But because you love My Son."