Are You Ready? Anticristo Soyez prêt pour le retour du Christ Handa Ka na Ba? Andam Ka na Ba?
Mark of the Beast - Detailed ¿Es el Domingo el Sábado Cristiano? La Marque de la Bête Ang Orihinal at Hindi Mababagong Kautusan ng Diyos Ang Marka sa Mapintas nga Mananap
Mark of the Beast - condensed Sábado Justificado     Ang Orihinal ug Dili-mausab nga Kasuguan sa Dios
Who is Israel? Marca De La Bestia     Anticristo
Who is Israel? - condensed     Balaod sa Maayong Panglawas
The Antichrist       8 ka Balaod sa Panglawas
Sabbath Justified      
Is Sunday the Christian Sabbath?        
People Get Ready!        
8 Laws of Health        

Business Card Tracts

Take Note:

1. The Cards will become more legible when processed through Photoshop.
2. The cards can be interchangeable. If you have a message that you would like to share to the world

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