Mission Report


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Mountain Church:
- Composed of about 15 families and a total of 65 souls.
- Majority of these families came out from a Sunday-keeping church which is the dominant religion of that area.
- When they first came in to the SDR church, few of the members experienced persecution and SDR workers were threatened with their lives but the workers continued to do their job in spreading the Word regardless of the consequence.
- The SDR church were mocked by this sunday-keeping church. During the storm, their church building was destroyed along with everyone's homes, but SDR mission house remained standing with a little damage.
- Sometime after the storm was over with, many people requested for Bible studies.


Workers’ Update:
1.     Station 1 - Liliw (Brother Jimuel, brother Agustin, brother Edison, brother Clint, brother Robin) - produce tracts and pass out tracts - full time in the street)
- 44,000 tracts distributed (October-November) (1 set = law of God, health, Mark of the Beast)
- Trying to move them to another location so they can work out other major cities around manila area where there are 25million people in the metro area.
-  The printer has been a blessing. = 44,000 tracts x 3 = 132,000 papers printed for October-November (excluding what has been printed in December). Saving half of the cost if you have the tracts printed from a commercial business center.

2.     Station 2 - farm church (Pastor Ruben, Elder Fred and sister Fe, brother Greg, brother Ruel) - Radio station, pass out tracts, home visitations, Bible studies, produce tracts
3.     Station 3 - mountain church (Elder Jerry and sister Gina, brother Erwin, brother Ridin, brother Tirso) - nurture the new church, pass out tracts, home visitations, Bible studies (personal and over the phone), currently helping out brethren rebuild their homes
4.     Station 4 - cebu (Pastor Craig and Ade, sister Jonah, sister Kris)
5.     Station 5General Santos (Pastor Jun) - travels to pass out tracts, visit homes and churches, conduct Bible studies and baptism

New worker- Brother Tirso - 50 years old, former layman of SDA Reform Movement.  

Radio farm church -  
- SDA preachers and members are upset of the present truth that we preach (How to keep Sabbath, Church Organization, Health Reformation, Apostasy of the SDA Church)    
- Families from other provinces are starting to contact the farm church for more Bible studies and possible baptisms
- Also producing tracts and sending them to some brethren in other provinces who are actively distributing tracts on weekends.
- Sending out Bibles and bible study guides. This month, there had been about 15 Bibles and Bible study guides have been distributed.

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Zachariah 13:9, “I will bring the...fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried: they shall call on my name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people: and they shall say, The LORD is my God." 

John 15:18, "If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you." 
Hebrews 2:10, "It became him, "in bringing many sons unto glory, to make the Captain of their salvation perfect through suffering."

Hebrews 5:8, "Though he were a Son, yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered."

John 16:23-24, "...Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, he will give it you...ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full."

Isaiah 64:8, "But now, O LORD, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand."

Proverbs  21:13, "Whoso stoppeth his ears at the cry of the poor, he also shall cry himself, but shall not be heard."

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