Paper Tracts


When placing tracts DO NOT put them inside mailboxes!
You can be arrested and charged with a federal offense!






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POGM'S Testimony - "Many years ago when I first started Presents of God ministry I used tracts to spread the Word on the street as well as among those at work or play. I found that they are very effective and well worth the time in creating. Yes, I know there are many tracts you can buy in Christian book stores and such. But I always found they stopped short in a lot of ways. Rarely did I find a tract that exposed Antichrist in an easy to understand manner. The ones that did, had major issues with their doctrinal stand, and I could not condone handing them out to people that may get confused by them. These confusing tracts would expose the Antichrist in Rome on one page, and then actually sanction Roman doctrine in the next! So, I decided it would be best that I make my own tracts and pass them out. That way I wouldn't have to worry about people being confused. To this day I still pass out tracts and "cards" that share Present Truth to any and all I can and as often as I can.

There are many ways to pass out tracts. I found that the best way is to get into a conversation about the topic on the tract to see if the person is in any way receptive to it. Then, as the Holy Spirit moves, give them the tract and let them know if they have any questions to contact you. However, if you're the shy type, not to worry, you can still do this work quite effectively. There are many different ways to get tracts in peoples hands without having to stop and talk. Truth is, sometimes we are a bit too busy and simply can't stop and chat as often as we wish. So here's a few methods you may find to be very effective in getting tracts in the hands of the people...

  • Leave them on the counter by the cashier after you purchase something.
  • Leave them at a gas pump for the next person getting gas to find.
  • Leave them in bathroom stalls for people to read while taking a break. (We all love to read in there!)
  • Leave them inside books about prophecy in book stores or libraries.
  • Leave them on store shelves.
  • Place them inside pockets of clothing in clothing stores.
  • Place them inside shoe boxes in stores.
  • Please them in school lunch boxes, pots and pans, Tupperware containers, filing cabinets, etc in stores.
  • Leave them in church pews.
  • Leave them in song books at church.
  • Place them on car windshields you park next to.
  • Place them inside the cars. (if they leave the window open of course.)
  • Mail them anonymously to people at random from addresses in the phone book each week.
  • Place them in plastic bags and tie them to helium balloons and release them outside.
  • Casually drop them in front of groups of people, and whoever offers to help pick them up, let them keep it.
  • When buying newspapers from a machine, place one in each paper still in the machine.
  • Leave them with your tip at restaurants.
  • Send one along with your monthly bills.
  • Leave them in Taxi cabs, trains, busses, or airplanes.
  • Place them in study hall at school.
  • Place them in books at the library.
  • Drop them in peoples shopping carts when they look away.
  • Scatter them like the leaves of Autumn."


Business Card Tracts

Take Note:

1. The Cards will become more legible when processed through Photoshop.

2. The cards can be interchangeable. If you have a message that you would like to share to the world

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